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Past Performance

Past Performance of Management Team:

» 124 Woodbridge Ave, Vaughan, Ontario
A failed shopping centre purchased 1994 for $4,000,000 after re positioning the shopping centre my partners bought out my interest based on a value of $7,200,000 in 1999.

» 16 Albert Ave, Toronto, Ontario
A 16-unit apartment building purchased for $760,000 in 1996 renovated and sold for $1,250,000 in 1999.

» 1201 Division St, Kingslake Plaza, Kingston, Ontario
Purchased 2001 for $7,200,000 assembled additional acreage paid about $5,000,000. Sold the entire development with new leases for $23,000,000 in 2006.

» 1801 and 1807 Eglinton Ave. W, Toronto, Ontario
Purchased for $650,000 and $240,000 in 2001 respectively converted from office to residential and retail the combined properties were sold on June 2014 for $14,500,000.

» 1145-1147 Midland Ave, Toronto, Ontario
Purchased in 2003 for $4,200,000 upon extensive renovations the property was sold for $7,100,000 in 2013 Property is a 42-unit townhouse complex.

» 23 Harmony Rd. S, Oshawa, Ontario
Purchased in 2008 for $3,800,000 the 32-unit townhouse complex has been converted to condominium valued individually $450,000 each. The property is valued at $11,300,000.

» 477 Dean Ave, Oshawa, Ontario
Purchased in 2012 for $4,100,000 the 51-unit townhouse complex has been renovated and is now valued at $13,200,000

» 520 Hugel Ave, Midland, Ontario
A former YMCA purchased 2008 for $300,000 the property will be renovated into 3 commercial and 9 residential condominiums. After $1,100,000 in renovation the property will be valued at $3,000,000 current project.

» 6929 Williams Rd, Niagara Falls, USA
A failed shopping centre purchased in 2014. The plan is to re position and re brand the centre as a destination sport and entertainment experience current project.

» 1010 Albion Rd, Toronto, Ontario
Purchased in 2014 for $8,500,000 with 75% vacancy with $280,000 net income. Today the plaza has been rezoned to 630 condo units and
is valued at $26,000,000 with net income of 1,320,000 for 2019 with not fully leased capacity current project.

» 5781, 5819 Rama Rd, & 4243, 4285 Hopkins Bay Rd, Orillia, Ontario
Over 3,000,000 sq.ft. in rezoning process for development project right next to Casino Rama. Project includes: hotels, apartments rentals, water park, concert hall, townhouses, plaza, current project.