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VeleV Capital

VeleV Capital specializes in large-scale portfolio investment in real estate and financial sectors, focusing on projects and instruments which combine healthy returns with a minimized risk to the investment portfolio. Our investment solutions provide steady and diversified investment opportunities allocated between commercial real estate, apartment rentals, redevelopment projects with constant cash flow, and residential mortgages.

Management has combined over 50 years of experience in real estate portfolio assembly for development hold and sale and 70 years of experience in portfolio investment.

The management and directors have been selected to bring this experience to the Partnership. The returns achieved by management and directors of the Partnership in the other funds they have managed to this date have been in the range of over 20% return per year, since 1994.

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Our Services


Real Estate Investments

Invest in diversified portfolio of apartment rentals, student rentals, and commercial real estate with anchor tenants across our network in Canada and USA.

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Real Estate Opportunity

VeleV Capital invites investors from specified jurisdictions: Canada, USA, Jamaica, United Kingdom to invest into VeleV Capital diversified real estate fund, directly and through a broker dealer network.

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Mortgage Investments

Invest in VeleV Capital which is backed up by equity in real estate, residential mortgages, redevelopment real estate projects with constant cash flow. Earn income from interest and gain profits from sales of the equity.

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Real Estate Financing

We offer tailor-made financial solutions and commercial financing to a wide variety of real estate developers and first and subordinate residential mortgages holders.

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Corporate Finance

VeleV Capital works with private companies and corporations to provide a variety of customized financing approaches and solutions that account for each organization’s unique needs and structure.

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If you have any questions related to your potential investment, do not hesitate to contact us for more details.


Robert C. Kay

Director of the Corporation

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